A silent auction was held at the 2017 Olde South Ball. A portion of the proceeds benefited Calvary Home for Children in Anderson, SC. 

 We thank our donors for donating these special items for the 2017 auction!

“Lorena” ~ A Vintage China Doll in Period Dress
Donated and Dressed by the Olde South Ball Committee

Take home your own Mini Belle! Named “Lorena” after the famous Civil War song, this vintage doll comes with handmade drawers, chemise, petticoat, and undersleeves. Her fashionable hand-sewn rose silk dress mimics period garments, down to the faux 3-piece back and armhole piping. Bid on her for your daughter, granddaughter—or yourself!

Vintage Walking Stick
Donated by Marilyn Sorvas
Belle O' The Ball

This handsome one-of-a-kind 35" antique walking stick with a metal tip is sure to add a debonair flair to any gentleman's ensemble! Lean on it for support, swing it casually as you walk, or gesture with it while you tell the whippersnappers to get off your lawn! The possibilities are endless.

Comfortable handle and smoothly polished golden patina make this a sharp addition to the well dressed gent's outfit. 

Floral Hairpiece and Corsage Set
Donated by Holly Sheen
Southern Serendipity

This gorgeous ivory set will complement any lady's evening outfit! The hairpiece is flexible and easily attached to any hairstyle. The corsage pins on like a brooch and can therefore be used for multiple dresses.

Beautiful vintage-style millinery flowers and leaves make this a perfect Victorian adornment. Simple, elegant and appropriate!

Collar and Cuffs Set
Donated by Sandra Grant
Seams Right

This stunning set of collar and cuffs is completely hand-sewn from fine cotton voile and is hand-embroidered with vintage cotton thread from France. Appropriate for wool, silk, or upscale cotton day dresses, this set will make your outfit stand out in the crowd!

Matching Pearl Bracelets
Donated by Heather Sheen
Creative Cockades

Perfectly matched swarovski pearls and vintage-style gold-plated box clasps make this matching set a lovely touch for any lady's ensemble. Matching bracelets were very stylish in the 1860s and pearls are a timeless tradition. Wear with your ballgown, your fancy day gown, or to accent a modern outfit!

Victorian Horn Hair Comb
Donated by Elizabeth Emerson

This beautiful reproduction Victorian hair comb is made by Elizabeth Emerson. It consists of a hand made horn comb set with antique French findings from a shuttered hair comb manufacturer. Blonde with amber glass decorations, it measures 3.5" long x 3.75" wide.

Appropriate for any lady's hairdo - you can even wear it with modern dress to add some Victorian charm!

Compendium of Dress and Adornment

Donated by Geezerettes Publishing

An outstanding republished compilation of 1860 Civil War fashion magazines with selections from Godey's Lady's Book, Arthur's Magazine, Peterson's Magazine, and Harper's Magazine. Fashion articles and fashion images right at your fingertips! This compendium saves you the trouble of searching for fashion magazines in antique stores by providing a terrific assortment of images and quotes into one handy volume!

"The Last Meeting" Framed Artwork
Donated by the Confederate Museum

This beautiful framed print is Everette Julio's depiction of Generals Lee and Jackson's last meeting during the pre-dawn hours of May 2, 1863, before the Battle of Chancellorsville. After this meeting, Jackson led his men on the famous march around the Union troops for a surprise attack in the afternoon. After the successful attack, Jackson was mortally wounded by his own men in the evening. Julio wanted to be the historian-painter of the South. However, "Last Meeting" turned out to be the artist's first and last heroic Confederate painting. He died in 1879, in debt, without ever selling the painting. After Julio's death, the painting eventually found its way to the American Civil War Museum.

Homemade Bath & Body Care Set
Donated by Courtney Huff, Charmingly Quaint

Pamper yourself with homemade soaps, bubble bars, body butters, and scrubs! This assortment of goodies in a variety of attractive fragrances is sure to delight! Pssst—some of them are even Southern Peach scented!

Includes Yuzu Body Butter, Vanilla Oak Salt & Honey Scrub, Apple Sage Bubble Bar, Southern Peach Bubble Bar, Southern Peach Cold Process Soap, Rose Quartz Cold Process Soap, and a Bath Bomb!

Victorian Knitted Silk Purse
Donated by Jamie Quick
Jamie's Etsy Shop

This is a historical reproduction of a pattern featured in Peterson's Magazine, 1861. Like the originals of this period, this purse is crocheted with very fine 100% silk yarn. Everything about this purse is hand made, including the matching silk cords and tassels.

Peterson's Magazine opinion was that these purses were, "[A]ll the rage this winter!" You won't want to miss a chance to take this little silvery-gray beauty home with you!

When laying flat, purse measures approximately 4.5-5 inches long by 3.5 inches wide.

Godey's Lady's China Plate
Donated By the Olde South Ball Committee

Imperial Service Plates were made by the Salem China Company of Salem, Ohio. They measure 10 5/8" in diameter and were decorated with a wide array of historical designs. The wide rims were often given elaborate gold stampings over various colors such as green, maroon, cobalt blue, yellow, pink, brown, and light blue (like this one).

Service plates were made primarily in the 1940s. One advertisement dated 1948 describes the plates as, "Moderately-priced, yet richly beautiful. Genuine 23 karat gold filigree over colorful rims. Used in sets to enhance formal dinners, they are also lovely decorations for wall and china cabinets. Unusual servers for cake, candy and pastries. Select one or a dozen. Available now at gift and department stores." Salem China stopped manufacturing wares in 1967, thus making this a beautiful collector's item. The stunning fashion plate motif makes this a perfect choice for Victorian fashion enthusiasts!

Swarovski Coral Earrings and Brooch Set
Donated by Mandy Kallal
The 1860s Civilian Celebration

Coral was a favorite choice for ladies' jewelry in the 1860s. It was often used to complement many styles of dress and many colors as well. This beautiful reproduction set is appropriate for day wear or evening wear. Pair it with a modern ensemble as well to add some Victorian flair to your outfit!

The Civil War - 28 Volume Set

Donated by the Confederate Museum

The Time-Life Civil War series is a 18-volume set. Some titles focus on a specific topic, such as the blockade or spies, but most volumes concentrate on the battles and campaigns, presented in chronological order. Each hardcover volume is 176 pages, beautifully illustrated with pictorial essays on specific topics. Bid on these for yourself or plan ahead for a Christmas gift!

Hand Knit Wool Socks
Donated by Marie Clyne

Keep your feet warm in period-correct footwear with a pair of hand-knit wool socks (gent’s size medium) based on an original sock!