A silent auction was held at the 2021 Olde South Timeline Ball. A portion of the proceeds benefits Calvary Home for Children in Anderson, SC. 

 We thank our donors for donating these special items for the 2021 auction!  

8 Yards of 45" Cotton Fabric Donated by Deborah Wright on behalf of the A.P. Stewart SCV Camp #1411

This gorgeous aqua cotton fabric is perfect for both Regency and Victorian dresses! Imagine yourself (or your children) sashaying around in this beautiful color! Clean, brand new and ready to sew. 

"Rose Greenhow's My Imprisonment: An Annotated Edition," Edited, signed and donated by Emily Lapisardi

More than one hundred and fifty years after her dramatic death by drowning, Civil War spy and diplomat Rose Greenhow remains as polarizing and controversial as she was in life. This scholarly edition of her 1863 memoirs enhances her work for the first time with copious footnotes, a complete index, and an introduction placing it within the context of her years in the nation's capital, her espionage, and her diplomatic mission to Europe. Annotations of people, events, and works mentioned by Greenhow (a consummate name-dropper) reveal her intelligence and political savvy, illuminate the depth and breadth of her literary and historical knowledge, and afford fascinating insights into wartime Washington, D.C.

Glass Cake Stand and Fruitcake
Donated on behalf of the Fort Wallace Wood Reenactment

Enjoy a tasty Southern tradition! The Claxton Bakery opened over 100 years ago in 1910, as a small local store in Claxton, GA. Known for its quality baked goods, the shop also featured a delicious fruitcake during the holidays. In the 1940s the bakery decided to make fruitcake their specialty and subsequently become the Claxton Fruitcake Company. The fruitcake spread nationwide and is still popular today. A second business, the Georgia Fruitcake Company, was started by an apprentice to the Claxton Fruitcake Company and also makes terrific fruitcake. Enjoy delicious samples from both bakeries, plus a lovely glass cake plate to serve them from! Entertain in the best Southern style and have your guests begging for more! 

Chocolate Set
Donated by the Shuman Family

In the 18th and 19th century, hot chocolate was all the rage for fashionable people. It was often brought in first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This created a market for lovely chocolate pots with their accompanying dishes for sugar and hot milk, as well as matching cups and saucers. This beautiful blue and gold limoge set is perfect for display or entertaining in vintage style!

Two Authentically Recreated Bandboxes
Donated by Reflections of History

Amazingly well crafted, these pasteboard bandboxes are covered with period designs of wallpaper, as the originals were. An added touch of authenticity is that the insides are lined with reproductions of period newspapers! These are wonderful for storing hats, bonnets, gloves, feathers, and anything you'd like to preserve from dust or crushing. Each bandbox comes with acid free tissue paper and a little history of the particular wallpaper design on the box.

Audubon Print of Bachman's Warblers
Donated by the Olde South Ball Committee

John and Maria Bachman were South Carolinians who were pioneering naturalists and biologists. Maria was also an accomplished botanical artist. They met John James Audubon in Charleston in 1831 and soon began collaboration with him in his work. This lovely image is a product of that collaboration. 

“Bachman’s Warbler” was originally collected by John Bachman in South Carolina in 1832.  Audubon included it in his famous “Birds of America” in 1833. The background foliage is a tree called Franklinia and was painted by Maria. Audubon himself added the warblers to the painting. Bachman’s Warbler is now an endangered species, making this portrait of these beautiful birds even more unique. Enjoy this reproduction print of a piece of Southern natural history!

1860s Ladies' Neckerchief Collar Kit
Donate by Ensembles of the Past 

This fabulous collar kit includes all size ranges, two collar styles, and enough fabric to make up to two collars with a complete detailed construction booklet! You will look like a perfectly finished lady in your custom collar. 

The kit includes:
• Quality, pre-washed 100% white cotton fabric to make 1-2 collars! (Depending on style and size.)
• Graded paper pattern for ALL neckline sizes!
• Instruction booklet with detailed instructions and pictures for making and fitting two different collars!

Tea Set
Donated by the Shuman Family

This lovely iridescent gold tea set is called "Love Story" and features beautiful 18th century love scenes on each piece. Eye-catching classic elegance, it's perfect for your vintage tea party or just for a lovely display! It comes with a box of tea from South Carolina's own Charleston Tea Plantation.

Nathan Bedford Forrest Print
Donated by the Museum & Library of Confederate History, Greenville, SC

This is a stirring rendering of Confederate Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest by James Thomas Neumann. Nicknamed "The Wizard of The Saddle" Forrest signed on as a private and distinguished himself as a noted cavalry general by the end of the war. Known for his legendary maxim, “Get there first with the most men,” he served at numerous engagements, including the Battles of Shiloh, Chickamauga, Brice’s Crossroads and Second Franklin. He and his cavalry force also relentlessly raided and harassed federal forces and communication lines throughout the war, before being finally forced to surrender in May of 1865. 

Gettysburg Relics
Donated by Dirty Billy’s Hats

Take home a piece of history! This shadowbox contains relics recovered on private property in Gettysburg, coupled with an inspiring illustration of the famous battle. Perfect for history buffs! 

Reproduction 1860s Leather Wallet
Handcrafted and Donated by Pack Mule Leather Goods

Proprietor Dalton Shuman bought an original Civil War-era wallet in Gettysburg and he has painstakingly hand-stitched this beautiful reproduction. The design is carefully copied, giving you a wonderful handcrafted piece of history to fill out your period impression! 

Victorian Print Necklace
Handcrafted and Donated by Raquelle Sheen

Add a little Victorian-themed bling to your modern life! This charming pendant features two gorgeously-arrayed ladies from a Les Modes Parisiennes 1860s fashion plate. One lady wears enormous pagoda sleeves and impressive rows of ruffles, while the other wears a beautiful silk skirt and a diaphanous white “body” (blouse), trimmed with ruching and even a sleeve rosette! 

Reproduction Leather Belt
Handcrafted and Donated by Pack Mule Leather Goods

The buckle is a reproduction of a belt buckle found on the Steamboat Arabia that famously sank in the Missouri River in 1856. The belt is handcrafted leather by Dalton Shuman. The length is customizable to your size. A sharp looking addition to your Civil War ensemble!

Regency Print Necklace
Handcrafted and Donated by Raquelle Sheen

Do you want to wear a touch of Jane Austen even in your modern clothing? This delightful pendant features a lovely lady from an 1813 Ackermann’s Repository print. The dress is verbosely described as, “A celestial blue satin slip, with short full sleeve…a Polonese long robe of white crape, or gossamer net; trimmed entirely round with lace and knotted beading, united in front of the bosom with rows of the satin bead. Hair in irregular curls, confined in the Eastern style, and blended with flowers. Necklace and drop of the satin bead, or pearl; eardrops and bracelets to correspond; double neck-chain and heart of Oriental gold, enclosing an amulet. Grecian scarf, a pale buff colour, embroidered with shaded morone silks, in Grecian characters, and fancifully disposed on the figure…” 

Gentleman’s Multi-Era Accessory Set
Donated by The Glove Goddess and the Shuman Family

Four silk “pocket squares,” that, depending on their size, can be used for cravats or for late-19th century decorative handkerchiefs, a striped silk tie, vintage cuff links and more! Gentlemen, no matter what the occasion, you will be sure to look snazzy!