A silent auction was held at the 2022 Olde South Ball. A portion of the proceeds benefited Calvary Home for Children in Anderson, SC. 

 We thank our donors for donating these special items for the 2022 auction!


Framed Repro Print by John Abbott

Donated by the Sheen Family

Naturalist and artist John Abbot advanced the knowledge of the flora and fauna of the South by sending superbly mounted specimens and exquisitely detailed illustrations of birds, insects, moths, and butterflies to collectors and scientists back in the Old World. Born in England in 1751, he came to America in 1773 and never left. Arriving in Georgia in 1775, he spent the next 65 years there, studying, collecting and artistically portraying the wildlife. Most of his specimens and artwork wound up in private collections in England and thus were virtually unknown in the US until the late 1800s. 

This is one of Abbott’s more spectacular illustrations of Georgia wildlife. Probably completed between 1804 and 1810, it depicts two adult butterflies, with a caterpillar and a chrysalis on a sprig of magnolia. A chewed leaf rises above the flower, suggesting feeding activity of the caterpillar. Abbot's notes for this drawing refer to the butterfly as the “Large yellow spotted black Swallow tail Butterfly.” This handsome print will grace any home! 

Currier & Ives Victorian Cockade Ornaments

Donated by Heather Sheen

This gorgeous limited edition set of handmade ornaments are perfect to add a Victorian touch to your Christmas decorating! They feature three Currier & Ives scenes labeled "American Country Life," "American Homestead Winter" and "Christmas Snow." 

Currier and Ives was a New York City printmaking business that operated between 1835 and 1907. Run by Nathaniel Currier and James Merritt Ives, the company designed and sold inexpensive, hand painted lithographic works based on news events, views of popular culture and Americana.

Civil War Demo Collection
Donated by Dr. & Mrs. Ron Cannon 

Striking and beautiful reproductions of Civil War artifacts from the National Archives, the Museum of the Confederacy and private collections. Maps, letters, telegrams, photographs and stereoscopic battlefield scenes with a stereoscopic viewer - and more! Perfect for a Civil War demonstration or display, or to frame for your own enjoyment. The clever design of the container allows either the Union or the Confederate flag to be displayed with a simple flip. A museum in a box! 

Victorian Figurines
Donated by the Sheen Family

Add an elegant and historical touch to your home with these lovely figurines! Blue and white, with a smattering of gold and color in the flowers, these will compliment any color scheme.

Who are they? With their historical and fairy tale aura, they could be just about anyone you please, from George and Martha Washington to characters from Shakespeare! 

"The Bride Sometimes Wears White" 

Donated by Jeannie Rucker

Wedding Shoe Rosettes 

Donated by Heather Sheen

Featuring the gorgeous and extensive wedding collection of Jeannie Rucker, this beautiful book is a must for every lover of Victorian clothing! 

Accompanying this lovely book is an elegant set of historic shoe rosettes that are perfect for weddings, balls or any special occasion! 

Vintage Themed Kindle Cover
Donated by Heather Sheen

This is a beautiful vintage-looking e-reader or tablet cover in a hard back book style. Handmade with care, it perfectly disguises your modern e-reader when you're reenacting or just want to have a vintage feel to your Kindle.

Velcro allows your e-reader to be easily removed and replaced from the book cover. The case folds backwards for one-handed reading and includes a strong hidden magnet closure that keeps the kindle cover closed in transit and also in position when the case is folded backwards.

This size case is compatible with any small kindle or e-reader with 6-7 inch screen. Perfect for the book lover, the history lover and the antique lover!

Repro Godey's 1861 Workbag
Donated by Jamie Quick

This stunning bag was handmade in period correct manner by Jamie out of silk embroidery on velvet, and silk taffeta. As was done in the time period, she used cardboard to stiffen the sides for a structured bag that is easy to use for organizing your craft project.

A perfect medium size, it works well for many uses and closes with a drawstring. Every Victorian lady needs a workbag like this! You can read more about Jamie's adventure making it at her blog here.

"Morgan's Raiders" by Clyde Heron Framed Print

#1 Signed Print of 950
Donated by the Museum & Library of Confederate History

On May 11, 1862, Col. John Hunt Morgan and his advance guard seized the Cave City, KY, depot and captured the next train that stopped. Morgan's entire command arrived shortly thereafter. Morgan's troops proceeded to destroy the train: four passenger cars, a locomotive, and forty-five freight cars. The firebox was filled with wood and set on fire. The Confederates then fired each car and sent the train racing down the tracks toward Bowling Green. Morgan remembered, "It was a grand sight, that burning train going at head long speed to destruction." For weeks passengers going through Cave City gazed in amazement at the scene where the locomotive had exploded. For a hundred yards on both sides of the track, the underbrush and grass were burned, trees were torn out by their roots, and wreckage was scattered on the ground.

The next day at noon, guards north of Cave City heard a passenger train approaching, bound for Nashville from Louisville. Morgan's men blocked the tracks, stopping the train while other troops threw logs on the tracks behind the train, preventing a reverse run. Morgan confiscated $6,000 in cash from the express agent and captured two Union officers and several enlisted men. He then allowed the train to return to Louisville safely. Stories of the Cave City Raid and its success took on the trappings of a romantic saga of chivalry, due to the way Morgan treated the train's female passengers. "I have no right to look into ladies baggage, or to examine their trunks. Southern gentlemen do no such thing," Morgan is reported as saying.

This stunning print is NUMBER ONE of 950 signed artist prints. You could be the lucky bidder and bring home this wonderful piece of history. 

Vintage Teapot

Donated by Autumn Johnston

This lovely teapot is perfect for entertaining at an afternoon tea - or just brewing a comforting pot for yourself! Beautiful flowers and gold trim add a touch of elegance to your home. 

And just for fun, we've added some tea from the Charleston Tea Plantation. Brew a pot of luxurious cheer for yourself and a friend! 

Glass Coral Necklace and Earrings
Donated by Holly Sheen

Handcrafted 16" necklace and matching earrings make this the perfect set to accent your outfit. Coral jewelry has been prized for centuries so you'll be right in style no matter what your era!

Original Civil War CDV Collection
Donated by Elaine Hale

This is a wonderful collection of carte de visites (photographs on paper) from the Civil War era! Over two dozen images show gentlemen, ladies and children of the era, all dressed up for the photographer. Perfect for studying the clothing, hairstyles and jewelry of the period. Whether you're a veteran collector or want to start your collection now, these images are an amazing find! 

Gentlemen's Silk Cravats
Donated by Jenny D'Onofrio

These beautifully handcrafted silk cravats by The Needle Worker are the perfect touch to complete any Victorian gentleman's ensemble. Cream and burgundy checks, black taffeta, and navy blue with silver accents - there's a color scheme for every outfit. 

Impress the ladies with your sartorial splendor! 

Vintage Cameo Pin
Donated by The Studio at Cedar Grove

This sweet little cameo is a darling addition to any lady's dress! A classic style with a vintage C-clasp, the timeless charm of a cameo is always a lovely touch.

Wear it on a ribbon as a necklace, clasp it on your fichu, or use it to close your collar. A cameo is perfect for just about any occasion - you can even wear it with modern attire!

Set of Three Civil War Books
Donated by Dr. and Mrs. Ron Cannon

"Leadership Lessons of Robert E. Lee," "Voices of the Civil War," and "Civil War Curiosities" are great additions to anyone's Civil War library! 

"Leadership Lessons of Robert E. Lee" by Bil Holton - The tactics, strategies, philosophies, and attitudes in this book represent the essential qualities of Civil War general Robert E. Lee's leadership, wisdom and personal integrity. Today's leaders will find Lee's wise counsel to be practical, invigorating, and inspiring. The book is divided into sections dealing with such subjects as ambition, character, compassion, discipline, duty, politics, and vision.

"Voices of the Civil War" by Richard Wheeler - This was the Civil War, as it was fought and suffered, seen and recorded, by the men and women on both sides of the conflict. These searingly vivid eyewitness reports form a continuous narrative of the war on all fronts, in the east and west, on land and sea, in battle and behind the lines in both South and North, from the first guns fired at Fort Sumter to the final stillness at Appomattox. The voices belong to the leaders and the generals, common soldiers and ordinary civilians, all caught up in the tumult and tidal movement of vast events. The result is the Civil War as it really was and what it really meant to America and Americans.

"Civil War Curiosities" by Webb Garrison - This book uncovers those unusual persons, attitudes, and events that take you beyond a textbook understanding of the Civil War. A collection of  fascinating anecdotes and colorful stories, this book covers a wide variety of subjects, including "newfangled" weapons that changed the nature of war, the press' outrageous inaccuracy in covering the conflict, the phenomenon of "silent battles, " and various disguises, atrocities, and mix-ups.

Handcrafted Tatted Lace
Donated by Mr. Ernest Shealy

Once again, Mr. Shealy is creating some gorgeous hand-tatted ecru lace especially for the Olde South Ball! Delicate and fairy-like, it will make a lovely accent to a wide variety of projects.

Compendium of Dress and Adornment
Donated by Geezerettes Publishing
Fashionable Decorum
Donated by Frank Uhlir

Compendium of Dress and Adornment, by Kathy Cieszki and Carol Paulson - An outstanding republished compilation of 1860 Civil War fashion magazines with selections from Godey's Lady's Book, Arthur's Magazine, Peterson's Magazine, and Harper's Magazine. Fashion articles and fashion images right at your fingertips! This compendium saves you the trouble of searching for fashion magazines in antique stores by providing a terrific assortment of images and quotes into one handy volume!

Fashionable Decorum, by Frank Uhlir - This study examines the attire that was typically worn to fancy social engagements during the Mid-Nineteenth century. Those who were invited to attend those special social engagements usually took great care to appear wearing the most appropriate attire suitable for the specific occasion. Full of beautiful period fashion plates and photographs, it’s a perfect overview of the subject of fashionable attire.