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2021 Olde South Timeline Ball possible.

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Ballentine Capital Advisors
Wealth maximization planning, retirement income planning, investment portfolio analysis & planning, tax planning strategies and more!

Reproduction bandboxes papered with reproduction wallpaper and lined with reproduction 1860s Harper's Weekly newspapers 

Beautiful 18th and 19th century ladies' accessories

A researcher's edition of Rose O'Neal Greenhow's memoirs
Annotated, indexed and footnoted

Find financial clarity and live a life of purpose!

Historically accurate 19th century leather goods, both military and civilian

Beautiful custom costumes, from the Renaissance to the Flapper era

Your source for vintage historically appropriate ladies' gloves in a huge variety of sizes and colors! Contact Marilyn if you are looking for a particular size or color!

Harp, violin and piano instruction in person in upstate SC or online from wherever you live!

Cranialsacral therapy in upstate SC for a variety of health conditions

Ensembles of the Past
Fabrics and sewing services for living historians, re-enactors, brides, dance enthusiasts, theaters, and individual clients. Also available on Facebook and Etsy

Book repair and rebinding for the old books in your collection

Quartermaster Shop
Manufacturers of fine quality reproduction military uniforms for the Mexican War, Civil War, Indian War and Spanish-American War time periods, plus men's civilian clothing for approximately the 1800-1880 time period.

Victorian Sentiments
Gorgeous antique jewelry from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras

Event planning that reflects your personality, desires, and goals, all within your budget

A reenactor's paradise of clothing, patterns, accessories and more!

Stories, images and reproductions of historic cockades

Metal corp badges, identification discs, patriotic pet tags, corps insignia rings and more!

"First Fallen: The Life of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, the North’s First Civil War Hero"

Enjoy the fun adventures of Eugene the Mouse and the lessons he learns. 
Appropriate for ages 4-7.

LBCC Historical
Victorian cosmetics based on authentic recipes, using natural ingredients

Handcrafted jewelry and gifts created from historical glass relics

A Victorian Christmas party in upstate SC on November 19, 2021 with dancing, caroling, finger foods and fun fellowship! 

Terrific reenactors-only 1860s event in Manassas, GA on October 16-17, 2021

 Reproduction hats ranging from the 1600s through the modern era

Historical reproductions of 19th century micro-beaded cuff bracelets

Sons of the Confederate Veterans camp in the Winchester, TN locale

Sons of Confederate Veterans camp in the Greenville, SC locale

Amy Vaughn, ancestry archivist and field researcher

Old-time Carolina mountain music!

Located in Greenville, SC and overflowing with artifacts from the war period

The Conservative Voice of the Upstate

Beautiful Old-Fashioned Music on Twin Celtic Harps.
Live performances for clubs, church groups and dinner functions. 
Six CDs of beautiful music 

Located in Greenville, SC. Learn the courtesies and dances of the old days 

Drawing on over 20 years of reenacting and research, Dale provides accurate and entertaining stories of the war era. One of his specialties is the life of Nathan Bedford Forrest, whom he featured in his first historical fiction work, The Strange Saga of Travis Hawkins McCleod.