2022 Olde South Bazaar
Featured Vendors

We are pleased to feature Southern Serendipity and Creative Cockades at our 2022 Olde South Bazaar! Please enjoy browsing their wares during breaks at the ball. 

Ensembles of the Past
Sara Gonzales

Ensembles of the Past offers dressmaking, tailoring, and design work for living historians, re-enactors, brides, dance enthusiasts, theaters, film companies, museums, and individuals  across the country and around the world. Our favorite projects include gown and uniform reproductions from all eras, custom-made wedding dresses, and historic flag reproductions from extant originals. Since 2015, Ensembles of the Past has also offered an ever-changing line of historical-based fabrics, sewing kits, and reproduction 19th century ladies' buckles. Sara Gonzalez, former costume design college professor, designer, and head seamstress at Ensembles of the Past, also offers private sewing lessons for individuals, and presents and teaches at conferences across the United States. 

Southern Serendipity
Holly Sheen


Holly specializes in ladies' accessories for the Georgian, Federal/Regency and Victorian eras. In addition to caps and fichus, she has jewelry, corsages, neck bows, decorated hairnets and fancy floral hairpieces. You might find just the right item to complement your ball outfit!

Creative Cockades
Heather Sheen

Heather researches and recreates badges from many eras of history. Cockades were worn to show rank, military service, membership in a club, or allegiance to a cause. Heather covers the military cockades for each American war, and also has cockades for many causes in history including suffragettes, secession, mourning, and just good old-fashioned patriotism.

The Studio at Cedar Grove Rd
MT Nester