2020 Dance List

The 2021 Dance List will be released prior to the ball.
All dances will be explained and called at the ball. No prior practice is necessary. 
You are invited to attend a free dance practice in the main ballroom of the Embassy Suites at 12:30 pm.
For instructions and links to videos of these dances, please check out our Dance Steps page.

Set 1
Grand March
Virginia Reel
Duke of Kent's Waltz
The Comical Fellow

Shopping, Waltzing, Silent Auction
Olde South Photography Studio closes at end of break

Set 2
Lovely Nancy
Spanish Waltz
Soldier's Joy

Break and Dessert

Set 3
Knole Park
Lancer's Quadrille Figure 1
"Cheat" or Coquette Quadrille

Shopping, Silent Auction Results, Waltzing

Set 4
Carolina Promenade
Spanish Waltz
Snowball Reel