2019 Dance List

All dances will be explained and called at the ball. No prior practice is necessary. 
You are invited to attend a free dance practice in the main ballroom of the Marriot at 12:30 pm.
For instructions and links to videos of these dances, please check out our Dance Steps page.

Set 1
Grand March
VA Reel
Duke of Kent's Waltz
The Dressed Ship

Shopping, Waltzing, Silent Auction
Olde South Photography Studio closes at end of break

Set 2
Lancer's Quadrille 4
Easter Tuesday
Spanish Waltz

Break and Dessert

Set 3
German Waltz
The Fine Companion
Cheat Quadrille

Shopping, Silent Auction Results, Waltzing

Set 4
Carolina Promenade
Spanish Waltz
Snowball Reel